01 Jun 2011

N n

sNAVY          NEWSPAPER         NECK         NOSE         NECKLACE        NECTIE     

NIGHT          NEEDLE         NINE          NEST          NUMBER          NET          NURSE

N for navy,
Navy in the ship
Works so hard
Guards the ocean
It is his vision.

N for neck
The long, long neck,
The long animal neck
The giraffe's long neck
Easy to take its snack.

N for necklace
A string of necklace
Nice on her neck
Made of green pearl
Popular in the world

N for necktie
the shirt, the nicktie
nice to wear
look smart, look good
you are in good mood

N for needle
Where is my needle?
I need the needle
To sew the dresses
To sew the trousers

N for nest
Come! Look the nest
The small nest in tree
Babies bird are three
The babies are hungry

N for newspaper
Read the newspaper
Bad news, goodnews,
news in the paper
write by reporter

Penulis : Mazita Paat


Zuwairi Aiman berkata...

Salam kunjungan... blog menarik, senang2 singgah la ke blog saya ;)


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