19 Mei 2011


Max the cat and Billy Rabbit were bored
"what shall we do today" asked Billy Rabbit.

"Build a house," said Big Hug. "A Jungle House!"
max and Billy worked all morning
"We've done it," said Billy.
"Let's tell Big Hug."

While they were away on old elephant found the jungle house. He had big ears and a bad temper.
The elephant went into the jungle house.
"You're too big!" said Billy
"Go away!" said the elephant
"It's not your house!"said Billy, bravely.
"go away!" said the elephant.
Billy Rabbit ran away.

Billy Rabbit told his friends what had happened.
"i will talk to the elephant," said Max the cat.

Max the cat ran back to the jungle house.
"please may we have our house back?" she asked

" go away" said the elephant
Max ran away.

Max and Billy went to see the tiger. He was very brave.
They told him about the elephant with big ears.
Tiger went to the jungle bouse "Roarr-r!" went the tiger.
"go away!" said the elephant.
Tiger ran away.

Billy Rabbit told Big Hug what had happened.
Big Hug went to see the elephant.
" Please go. This is not your house," said Big Hug.
"Go away !" said the elephant Big Hug walked away.

The Big hug told a mouse about the elephant with big ears.
The little mouse went to the jungle house.

The big elephant saw the little mouse.
The mouse said, " This isn't your house"
go away" he squeaked. The old elephant ran away.

Mac The cat, Billy Rabbit and Big Hug mended the jungle housed and played in the all day

Pengarang: Grace John

squeak noun & verb 1 the vole's dying squeak /  the rat squeak : peep, cheep, pipe, piping squeal, tweet, yelp, whimper. 2 the squeak of the hinge / the hinges of the gate squeaked : screerh, creak, scrape, gate, rasp, jar, groan


hans0 berkata...

gua suka gajah!!! macam shinchan

Zura berkata...

comey je kucing tue..

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